Global Teen Health Week is sponsoring the next gallery show called BODIES

in 2017-18 School Year/Arts/Wellness

MAKE work that encourages us to think about BODIES, your BODY, their BODIES, how the media thinks your BODY should be, letting BODIES be how they want to be.

Respond to BODIES in ANY WAY in ANY media.
(use your voice, write, perform, paint, make a film, sculpt, draw, dance, make a photograph, etc.)

The U-32 Gallery will be accepting submissions until Friday, March 23rd 2018.

Send your work to or deliver it to room 111 on the 23rd.

Global Teen Health Week is an annual week-long designation to raise the profile of adolescent health. With more than a billion adolescents worldwide, this age group comprises one of the largest segments of the world’s population. The rapid physical and emotional growth of this age group differentiates it from the needs of children and adults. Health behaviors resulting in illness later in life often start in the teen years.

U-32 will focus on a health theme each day the week of March 19th:
3/19 – Sexual Health
3/20 – Physical Health
3/21 – Environmental Health
3/22 – Substance use/abuse
3/23 – Mental/emo health (WORK FOR THIS SHOW DUE)