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School Start Time Being Examined

A WCSU School Start Time Subcommittee has formed to explore the possibility of changing the start time of schools in Washington Central, primarily motivated by research showing that later start times are particularly good for teenagers. There’s no specific proposal on the table yet, but several possibilities are being considered including: Swap high school and… Keep Reading

School Reports are online!

Our School Reports are a way to celebrate and feature different events and programs in our school communities. These reports also highlight the progress on student learning and performance on various assessments, as well as what we are doing throughout our schools to ensure success for each and every student. Click on the links below… Keep Reading

WCSU Act 46 Community Survey Results

Final results of the WCSU Act 46 community survey now available.     The consultant created three versions: “Report – Full” is the complete report with both quantitative results and all comments (sorted by towns and themes) under each question. “Report – Short” includes all of the quantitative results but does not include most comments. “Report – Open… Keep Reading

Berlin Elementary Ribbon Cutting

The Berlin community gathered October 12th to celebrate the successful completion of a $3 million project at the town’s elementary school. The project began last spring and wrapped up on time and on budget. Renovations and updates include asbestos removal, accessibility upgrades, new plumbing, heating and flooring, and the installation of energy efficient lighting and… Keep Reading

Act 46 Update

What is Act 46 and why should I care about it? Act 46 is a law passed by the Vermont legislature in 2015, inspired by concerns about rising property taxes, declining student enrollments, and a growing achievement gap among students. It requires Vermont school districts to explore new governance structures. The WCSU board organized a… Keep Reading

Education is Changing

How do we know what they know now? What would it be like to drive around in a car from 1920? It probably wouldn’t work very well.  And it wouldn’t make much sense. Interestingly, we are currently using an educational system very similar to what was used over 100 years ago. We have been very… Keep Reading

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