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Student Activism

Washington Central students learn to give back to their community.

U-32 Walkout

By Ginger Knight, 10th grade-U-32 U-32’s Seeking Social Justice Club was formed at the beginning of this school year. The club is led by two teachers, Meg Allison and Amy Koenigbauer, with student members from grades 7-12. “Our goal is to raise awareness throughout the school community about issues that are important and matter to… Keep Reading

Berlin students celebrate International Compost Awareness Week

On May 16, Berlin Elementary School students led a tour for Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore of the school’s classroom, cafeteria, and outdoor composting system, which has turned more than 60 tons of food scraps into soil products since 2009. Students showed how their composting efforts contribute to healthy soils in recognition of International… Keep Reading


Jr. Iron Chef

 Berlin Elementary sent two teams to the recent Jr. Iron Chef competition. They worked very hard to learn complicated recipes and represented Berlin with confidence. Congratulations “Can’t Beet the Bobcats” and Berlin Bakers! Keep Reading

Bill Haines, Community Guy

We lost a very special man last month with the passing of Bill Haines. Bill was a powerful force for good who touched hundreds of people in our community. Bill was a true activist, constantly organizing student involvement in the community, state and nation.  Bill taught at Montpelier High School for 32 years! Among other… Keep Reading


Inc., Random Acts of Kindness & Cutting Boards

So far, this semester, U-32 Inc, a student-run entrepreneurial experience, has teamed up to create two products.  Initially, George Cook’s class began the semester in collaboration with Dave Bazis and the Furniture Design class at U-32.  Through a collaborative effort, Bazis’s students instructed Cook’s students in the production phase.  Cook said, “I cannot tell you… Keep Reading

youth ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors in the Muslim World

The U-32 and YES Abroad Connection By Karen Liebermann One student at at time, one year at a time, U-32 has been cultivating youth ambassadors in countries with significant Muslim populations.  This is made possible by the Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad Program, an exchange program sponsored by the US Department of State.  YES was started in… Keep Reading

U-32 Student Council

By Sarah Kinter The U-32 Student Council has always seen service as part of its mission. Many community members may have heard of their program, SCOP, Senior Community Outreach Project, which matches seniors in their last week of school with community members in need of help. For one day, whether it be wood stacking, gardening,… Keep Reading

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