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Farm to School at Berlin Elementary

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The Farm to School group honored Cindy Gauthier in the garden on June 7 by planting two grapevines and hanging a plaque on the newly built trellis (by Dave Wilcox). She was acknowledged for years of initiating amazing place-based learning opportunities for Berlin students, related to health and wellness (e.g., garden, orchard, kitchen cart, Junior Iron Chef, gleaning, etc.)

Harvesting Worm Casting
The Compost Club harvested the worm castings from EVERYclassroom’s vermi-composters. The castings are a rich fertilizer that FREE and made by the kids and the worms! Each classroom uses the castings when they plant their raised bed in the school garden. We will reap the benefits during the fall harvest!

Thank you for your generous seedling donations for classroom garden planting:

  • Four Springs Farm, So Royalton – Jinny Hardy Cleland (Eli & Simon’s grandma)
  • Dog River Farm, Berlin – George Gross (Ainsley & Hunter’s dad)
  • Cate Farm, Plainfield – Richard Wizwall

Calais All School Wellness Walk

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Students Plant Orchard at Berlin Elementary

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In May 11 third and fourth graders worked with students from Central Vermont Career Center to plant 14 more trees the BES Orchard. This project was funded by Central Vermont Rotary. Many thanks to Dave Wilcox, Carol Earle and Amanda Garland for all their efforts making this such a successful learning opportunity for students our young students and the high student leaders.

Winter Wellness

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At Doty School they’re doing the Winter Wellness Program a little differently this year. And, according to principal Matt Young, things are working fantastically! The school used some of the grant money that all schools get for winter wellness to build an outdoor ice skating rink and to add to their cross country ski and snowshoe equipment.

Now, instead of spending time riding a bus to the trails or the rink, all winter wellness time is spent skiing on snowmobile trails, snowshoeing, sledding and skating close to school. An extra benefit is that the students are able to do these activities more often – 8 times instead of only 5 – with less disruption of classroom time.

For the new rink, school staff worked with the Worcester selectboard to figure out a mutually accessible site and they decided on a site across the street from the school. There are plans to build a warming hut next to the rink. The rink is open to the public when the school isn’t using it.

All the students got a chance to do everything (skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and skating) and for the last two winter wellness sessions, they got to choose which activity they wanted to do. Even if the grant money goes away, the program will be sustained. What a great program that reflects community values!

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