Teachers of the Year

in 2017-18 School Year/Celebrations

Doty Pre-K teacher Christina Strobridge and U-32 English teacher Jenn Ingersoll were named U-32 Teachers of the Year at a ceremony at the 37th Annual UVM Outstanding Teachers Day, October 12.

Christina was nominated as she “is a fierce advocate for early childhood education in general but even more so for students at Doty Memorial in Worcester.” This past year she increased participation in Doty’s Pre-K program by over 60% by making it more accessible for families. She is a voracious lifelong learner, seeking out opportunities for growth and emerges excited to implement what she has learned in her classroom. The hallmark of her contributions is the relationships she forms with families during their student’s critical earliest years of school. She carefully and skillfully navigates even the trickiest situations to arrive at a foundation of trust and respect throughout their schooling.

Jenn’s nomination comes from staff and students of U-32 where she is respected and loved. She is at the forefront of U-32’s work in Proficiency-Based Learning and she serves as a great example of how to navigate the change from a traditional system. She strives to learn more, question what she doesn’t understand, hold others accountable for their learning and constantly puts students at the center of her thoughts. There is not a day that goes by that she does not reflect on her own teaching and look for ways to improve. A student stated Jenn “brings positive energy to class and is always willing to work with a student to help them continue their education at a pace that works and is beneficial for them.”

Congratulations Christine and Jenn!