Welcome Aimee Toth, Rumney Principal

in 2017-18 School Year/Celebrations

Before taking over as principal at Rumney Memorial Elementary School in July, Aimee Toth had been the principal at Roxbury Elementary, worked on literacy professional development across Vermont including in Montpelier and Woodstock, had spent twelve years in the classroom teaching both second grade and kindergarten and was the Associate Director for Elementary Education at Upper Valley Educators Institute, providing teacher training. Toth has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Toth, who loves her new job at Rumney, says the biggest challenge administrators have is making sure to be mindful of the resource of time and that it’s being deployed in the most effective way.

She says there is a higher degree of collaboration between teachers, than in the past. And, that it’s important time to work together, including working with parents as partners. Rumney staff is looking for new ways to partner with parents, including the recent class meeting night. Teachers shared information with parents explaining what would be covered in each class including specific information about how parents can help to support their kid’s education. Toth has also initiated monthly “coffee talks” where parents can come to give feedback and ask questions, the last Friday of the month from 8:45-9:30 am.

When asked how she balances work and family with the rest of her life Toth candidly said, “This is a new job, so that’s a challenge. Making sure I’m there for my own children, (she has three). Staying connected with friends. It’s a little easier when you love what you do. My work is very satisfying and rewarding.”

Outside of work, Toth loves a good project, loves to paint, likes spending time with friends, and she loves to can. Just last week she canned a full bushel and a half of apples into applesauce!

When asked what her favorite part of the building or grounds is, she replied, “The water garden has become a really neat space for kids and adults, reading, hanging out during recess, ice cream social; also the view out Ben’s window.”

Toth wants kids to see her as somebody who believes in them and wants them to learn and grow in all aspects. And as someone who wants to support them. She says, “I’m always looking for the good in them.”

Originally from Ohio, Toth loves central Vermont for both the easy access to local foods and all the natural areas to explore. “Even ten years after moving to Vermont I still pinch myself at how beautiful it is. It feeds my soul.”

She finds Middlesex to be a community that truly cares about the kids and the type of education they’re getting and she’s looking forward to getting to know the community better and to allow the great teachers and students to be everything they can be. Welcome Aimee Toth!