Berlin Saving Money, Decreasing Waste, & Making Compost

in 2016-17 School Year/Student Activism

By Colin Trottier, Berlin 6th grader

Berlin Elementary School has reusables, so we don’t throw away paper plates and plastic utensils anymore.

Before November 2016, we  threw away paper and plastic,  when we had classroom parties and school celebrations.  Teachers and parents wasted money by buying paper and plastic products. B.E.S. wasted money by paying for our garbage to be taken away to the landfill. Instead, we could have used reusables and washed our dishes. But Berlin Elementary did not have the money to buy reusables. So Ms. Dawkins wrote a School Zero Waste grant from Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District (CVSWMD).

The School Zero Waste grant is for reducing waste, so they liked the idea of reusables. Now, each classroom has the following reusables: metal utensils,  plastic bowls, plastic cups. The utensils are stored in a plastic-covered box. Now when we have  parties, school celebrations, and daily healthy snack, we can use reusables, instead of paper plates, paper cups, and plastic spoons or forks.

Thanks to CVSWMD, Berlin Elementary School is a GREENER place.