Donate a Crate! Help U-32 students learn outdoors

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You can help U-32 move to safe outdoor learning by donating few dollars to purchase milk crates that serve as flexible, washable storage, portable “desks” and seating.

WHY? U-32’s teachers and staff are finding creative ways to bring our students safely back to school, and they need our community’s help! At the reopened campus of U-32, these crates will find a new purpose – they will help create outdoor learning spaces! Crates can serve as portable, washable storage and desks for kids to bring outside. There’s no safer, healthier place to be than outdoors, and crates can help create outdoor classrooms for U-32.

Join in our fundraising to purchase new crates – we got a great price of $6 each on a load of new crates in U-32 colors! A pallet-load of 96 will add to donated crates to equip the school well.

THANK YOU! We will work together to help kids get outside this school year. THANK YOU to those who donated out-of-use older crates. We have enough of these and they will help immeasurably. We will be sure to return any active dairies’ crates back to their sources. (Remember crates are valuable tools for milk processors and distributors; active ones should not be picked up for reuse by anyone else.)

WHEN? Please donate by the end of the first week of school – September 11th.

WHO are we? Washington Central Friends of Education is a local non-profit that provides communication, grant management and collaboration for our kids, communities and schools. Join us to support our schools and strengthen our school-community cooperation.

Questions/Concerns – Email Erica at, text or call 802-595-5628.